MrDiv’s inspiring art

He has some really inspiring stuff to show. So if you haven’t seen anything from him or heard anything about him. Check it out.

Cool graphics with geometrical shapes

Very close to Demoscene stuff and I like it. The mindset is the same. Well except for the realtime part. Which is a big part of the Demoscene stuff. 🙂 But if you look at it only from a graphic standpoint.

Dynamic lit 2D Sprites

Check out Sprite Lamp! It is a tool to generate normalmaps/depthmaps mainly for painted/pixeled 2D sprites. Works for other stuff as well!

Dynamic Lit Stonewall
This is an example of a lit stonewall using Sprite Lamps generated depth map.

The technique has started to appear in some 2D games. As an example a similar use of it can be found in the Double Fine title Broken Age. If you want to know more. There is a talk that can be found here. The clip starts around 6 min in as it was a live broadcast from GDC13.

Awesome Art

Just have to make a post about Dan Hipp. Simply because the art is awesome.
Dan Hipp's Hobbit image

He uses a mishmash of characters from different known movies/series/art.. in a funny and engaging way. Can’t get enough of it.
Check out his tumblr -> MrHipp <-